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    Huawei Y300-0100
  1. Links named "Recovery" in first page are zips to flash.
  2. If I have CMW R2 can I flash by recovery the .zip of TWRP without any wipe except cache?
  3. Can I root an Y300 without flash a custom recovery? Only unlocking bootloader and flashing the zip of superuser (or similar) by the stock recovery.
  4. I use 20131226-NIGHTLY, there are any changes in the latest ROM that can convince me to update my Y300?
  5. How can I use external storage by PC? If I connect my Y300-0100 to my PC this don't recognise anything... Edit: 20131226 nightly Edit2: i've found the correct setting.
  6. @Tillaz can you add this method in the FAQ? Every week someone ask that...
  7. Umh... ok. Now I have realized that I don't have Launcer3 but (i think) Google Home. It's because I have flashed " pa_gapps-modular-mini-4.4-20131126-signed" and not the GApps by Dazzozo... So, I think that I have to keep the search bar..
  8. IThere is a way to delete the search bar in home screen?
  9. Does the camera work with the last build of CM 10.2?
  10. Thank you for the clarification :)