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  1. Help ..for what? Do you need a computer to compile or help with the code? You can treat me as a noob. The truth doesn't upset me. :D
  2. Found pacman, installed it and charging is different, faster. Why do i have the feeling that something broke on cm11 when i've made the factory reset?!
  3. Pacman?! ... Don't know whar you are talking about. I know about pacman, but not for g525. I've installed beta1, beta2 and gapps. Tried link2sd, but found that doesn't work well on kk, so i've made a factory wipe/cache/dalvik. If i remember well, after that, strange things started to happen, but i'm not sure. And i really can't experiment too much. It's not the phone i use.
  4. Can you please review the part related to battery charging?! Something strange it's happening with my phone. With stock rom, the battery was charging very fast, approximately in one hour from almost empty to full. Maybe this was strange also, but... After I've installed your rom, after one or two reboots, battery discharged slow, normally I can say. At one point, it dropped from 65 to 18 percent at one reboot. That made me do a battery wipe procedure. (erase batterystats from system at 100%, empty the battery until it stops, then charge it again to 100%). In this moment I'm at the last step (charge to 100, after I've drained the battery). The thing is that it's charging very slooowww. About two hours for 60%, with phone turned off. Is that ok? How long does it takes to charge your phone? And the charging graphics it's a little damaged while phone it's powered off. I have two rectangles filled with grey, behind the battery and on top of the percentage.
  5. mandgeo

    Huawei g525 latest roms

    Use search. You'll find cm port.
  6. In Changelog, you are talking about Beta 2, but you've listed links for Beta 1 and a patch for Beta1. Should I understand that Beta 2 = Beta1+patch or I'm missing something? Other thing... I've used releases posted on a FB page (Huawei Ascend G525) but the phone was rebooting from time to time. The phone it's used by my wife and ... I had to go back to stock rom. Will I be in the same situation if i use this rom? Thanks for your work!
  7. mandgeo

    Android 4.4 KitKat Beta

    This is not the only forum for Huawei, especially P6. Go to xda. There is more animation there. As far as i know, this is an official leaked beta. The installation is made by placing the update.app, found in the archive, in a certain folder of the sdcard. The phone has to be started in a certain state (vol +- and power) and the update will begin. Seems confusing...go to xda. You will found all the info you need.
  8. Today, on the 2nd of january nightly, al the second call, i've experienced incall audio problem(no sound). Onthe first call, everything was ok.
  9. I want to use VPN connection. I can make a profile, and is working fine. But when i want to set always on, that profile is not listed. Is that a small or a biger bug?
  10. @Danchiman21 ... you should wait some seconds before putting the battery back.
  11. Link to changelog.txt, posted by rhen, is useful for those asking if wifi teher works. After 4-5 updates i also feel the need to fresh install. The phone becomes slow.
  12. At least two questions on every page is about WIFI tehering. My brain hurts. You get all releases in settings - about - CM updates. Touching the name of the release will get you the changelog of that build. If you read something about WIFI then there is a chance that wifi teher will work. All you have to do is try it. @Vendena... your problems are related to bootloader. Try to lock it back and get the official code. From my experience, after you restore the imei backup, you could end up with zero imei. That could mean the bootloader is not relocked correctly and some other codes are messed up. If you cannot restore imei, read here http://www.modaco.com/topic/363989-im-in-a-little-dead-end-and-please-dont-make-the-same-mistake-like-me/ huaweig300 should be closed
  13. The link posted by popadicsm is for CM 10.1 an it should not be on this thread.
  14. How can i find if i have hynix memory and what is the problem with that type of memory? PS. As i've said...waiting for another new release, hoping it will be a 3.4 one. :D LE. Found my answer.
  15. I've used the nightline with 3.4 kernel from it's release until today (22 october) and almost had no isue. One single system slowdown, almost freaze. The recovery has been on my phone for two or three days. I saw that people bricked their phones lately, so i'm back on and latest nightline available. The things that i don't like in all that mess is that everything is gone without a trace. Recovery, not a word on it, 3.4 kernel nightlines...gone. In this cases, it think that it's fair to make a sticky thread and explain the situation. PS. Waiting forward to try another build with 3.4 kernel :D