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  1. Hey is there anyway to download apps directly to the external sd? I'm struggling with the 4gb storage (having only about 500mb free internal storage and 600mb free in USB storage) because the free space is too small to download large apps or their additional data in th first place to be able to folder mount it to the external sd.
  2. Well been playing with the a850 today, which arrived this morning. At first it actually feels a little too big. I haven't used and hd screen phones so the 200ppi doesn't bother me at all (going down from 233ppi). The brightness isn't so great so i'm not looking forward to those really sunny days, but it's fine otherwise. The performance of the MTK6582M is pretty impressive and very smooth. The camera quality at first seems not so great but comparing it to my samsung omnia 7, it seems to zoom in further when double tapping on an image (accounting for the greater noise and fuzziness of pictures) so its probably comparable to the samsungs 5mp. The back speaker on it seems a bit rubbish, you lose a lot of clarity when going above 50% volume. The touchscreen as actually very responsive and it has a neat lenote app which you can draw in and its quite nice to use. The only thing is that with two finger actions, such as pinch to zoom, you need to exaggerate them a little on the bigger screen. Came with english language preset and also has playstore and root out of the box. Aside from the speaker and the response to two fingers, some other annoyances include: -the lenovo ui (as it seems to be missing options in the settings menu such as battery etc.). -the youtube app (HQ looks rubbish on it and the HD resolution is missing as its not an HD screen; apparently there is an youtube apk which enables HD again so will need to try that). -The preinstalled email apps crashes (not gmail so can be easily fixed). -The system update option in the settings causes the phone to crash. Not had a chance to test the battery or gps yet.
  3. My a850 apparently arrived in the U.K. yesterday!
  4. My lenovo a850 finally shipped from singapore yesterday (Via sing post). Any idea how long it might take to reach the UK? Also found this phone here, if anyone is interested in a large screen phone; it's a 6 inch, 720p phone with a MTK6589T processor and it costs $190: http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Blackview-JK809-6-0-Inch-HD-Display-Screen-MTK6589T-1-5Ghz-1GB-RAM-8GB-ROM-8-0MP-Camera-Android-4-2-with-3G-GPS---Dark-Blue-319437.html
  5. If anyone is interested here is a guide to enable usb otg on your phone: http://translate.goo...63_1766832.html
  6. What problems do you get by not having a compass? Does it stop it from being able work as a car sat nav? Also I took the plunge and have ordered a Lenovo a850. Apparently you can enable usb otg on it.
  7. Can't remember where I saw the sample pics but if you go on YouTube and search neo n003 and sort by date, you should get some sample videos. Also the unboxing on the gizchina website (and its comments) might be worth a look.
  8. Seems pretty decent and well built but the camera performance looks pretty poor for even mobile standards.
  9. Hey just as an off-topic point on this off-topic thread, you know what else on aliexpress seems to be of reasonable quality and pretty cheap? Fountain pens and it seems a lot of them are going on sale tomorrow (27th). Totally irelevant I know...
  10. The lenovo a850 is apparently in stock on etotalk: http://www.etotalk.com/lenove-a850_p4143.html Costs $189.99 + shipping Seems decent apart from the screen res.
  11. Fair enough, I would personally go for something with a little rom support anyways.
  12. Found another phone similar to above but this one seems like A BEAST of a phone. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/5-85-Android-4-2-Exynos-5410-Lte-Phone-with-Dual-Camera-Bluetooth-GPS-2GB-16GB/1151043520.html So much spec but still out of my budget....
  13. Yeah it's probably not the right price. Also there doesn't seem to be any rom support for it so it will be stuck on ICS. Seems like a lot of money for just a dual core. I would've thought you could get the zp810 or the zp910 (both quadcores) for a little more money ($180-190).
  14. Hey found this phone on aliexpress. Has anyone seen this phone before? Anyone got more info on it? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/ZDX-X600-5-Exynos-4412-Cortex-A9-1-5GHz-1GB-16GB-1280-720-IPS-Capacitive-Screen/1004018960.html
  15. Found a misprice on aliexpress for the thl w11: http://www.aliexpres...1172011188.html The standard option cost ~£170 whilst adding a car holder brings the price to ~£110 Would be amazing if the misprice was honoured. Edit: Looks like they have fixed the price now. Also what are your thoughts on this phone?: http://www.aliexpres...1130195965.html Appears to be the Onn Tiger V8 and seems to be the cheapest 1080p display phone. Edit: For god sake they seem to have bumped up the price of this as well.