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  1. Yeah I was almost certain it can be done with build prop because that's what I did on HD2 but couldn't remember correctly. And I searched for a way to do this so I just pasted it as it seemed to have complete instructions which are more or less noobproof :D. Either way I hope he succeeds with enabling it using one of the stated methods. Also good news for all you MIUI lovers out there, we got some nice support from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2481178. It adds some useful features to our roms without actually having to flash anything. It's very simple so even beginners can get a taste of some extra features. Fairly similar to Xposed module if you're familiar with that. Be sure to follow instructions given in the thread linked above and enjoy :).
  2. You can enable navigation bar in almost any rom, google build.prop how to enable navigation buttons. If I remember correctly it only takes changing one line in build prop. There might even be an app that does that, as I've seen that GravityBox does that on all AOSP roms(unfortunately it can't work with MIUI). EDIT- sry it isn't build.prop it's framework-res. Here are the instructions http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1364757. Try that but backup first in case you have any issues with this "fix".
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Only few countries are supported by play store in Europe. Those are UK, France, Spain and Germany. Device has to be shipped to an address in one of those countries and order has to be made from those countries(that part you can work around with proxies but address part you can't). PO boxes and military addresses aren't supported. So be lucky you can buy N4 so cheaply the rest of us has to pay a lot more.
  4. Since this is a moding forum after all I have a question for developers(if you know someone good pls tell him to take a look at this). There is Haier W910 which is specced pretty standard, almost identical to HTC One S C2 version. I was wandering how difficult would it be to port CM or any other JB rom to Haier? It comes with 4.0.4 stock but there is jelly bean rom for it(4.1.2 I think). Any info would be appreciated. If it can be done I think Haier would be very viable in sub 150$ range. I think it's 120$ on banggod with discount. From what I've seen on xda so far there is a pretty straightforward guide to porting roms that are same version(for example 4.0.4 from one device, to 4.0.4 on other device with very similar specs). Would it require some major changes/programming?
  5. There is a really well written review here http://www.scribd.com/doc/153423114/Review-Cubot-GT99 The only thing you gotta do is paste parts or whole document in google translate.
  6. @yaqh-some of your requirements won't be easy to find on chinese phones. Especially future updates, because of the incredibly fast rate that they produce new models, old are abandoned. If I was you I'd go for something that's a brand in China. Like Lenovo, Huawei or ZTE. For the amount of money you stated I think safest bet would be Lenovo A820/A830. I think most of your requirements will be met and you can count on future updates in form of a MIUI. If you like MIUI and don't mind fiddling a bit to get GPS working perfectly take that one(don't get me wrong, it should work out of the box, but sometimes MTK chipset phones need some changes before GPS lock becomes fast and reliable). Other phones that have been ordered and checked in Europe are Haier W910(Snapdragon dual core so might get some development), Cubot GT99. Haier comes with 4.0.4 but there is a working jelly bean port. That's about it if you're aiming for something safe that has working GPS(Vowney V5 was ordered a lot but had great problems with GPS as did numerous other chinese MTK phones). @Armadillo1 - you should find some youtube reviews. If not there is alternate name for that phone, XYZ X1 Small universe)that's name for China, international version is Cubot GT99). Google translate from simplified chinese or russian and you'll get plenty of results. Quite a few people ordered Cubot GT99 in my country and everyone was happy with it. So I guess I can go ahead and recommend in to you. There is also some info on GT99 on spanish HTCmania forum, so check that out too if you want.
  7. For around 160$ you got other choices, one of the better ones is probably Cubot GT99 which has proven to be quite good bang for buck. On the other hand if you want something that just works and you don't want to risk sending it back to China you might just as well get a Nexus 4 which is also reasonably priced for what it offers. It's up to you but Cubot GT99 is definately worth checking out. Some other choices which will lack some of the Jiayu's features are Lenovo A820/A830, Vowney V5. For around 200 there is iOcean X7 youth edition which is pretty close to what Jiayu offers. Read a few reviews or watch videos on youtube and you'll figure out what's best for you. Edit- if you want specific help for finding the right device for you PM me so we don't have to write 20 posts in this topic. It should stay readable so other people can find relevant general info.
  8. Well there are numerous webshops listed in this topic. To name a few: banggood, minideal, pandawill, geekbuying etc. Price is around 260$ with shipping which is about 160 pounds if I'm correct. But you may want to multiplay that amount with your VAT since it'll be coming from China and there is a good chance you'll have to pay VAT for it. With that, price may be around 190 pounds which you mentioned above. So if you have a chance to get it from Europe for 190 pounds do it. As for it working in UK most chinese phones work well except in rural areas where some providers use 900 Mhz frequency for 3G. You should check that with your provider. Usually 2100 Mhz will be enough for 3G coverage in all urban areas. Good luck with your search for phone :).
  9. Did anyone find info on Xiaocai G6 Youth. It seems great specwise and it looks pretty good, to me at least? I trieg googling but I don't really know which chinese sites beside zol have relevant information on quality of products. I'm mostly interested to know if it's well made and how's the battery which seems like the only downside of this phone. 1800mah is a bit on the low side for 4.7" 720p and quad core.
  10. I fully agree, the reason why I wrote it that way is that most of the users usually go for that kind of 'too good to be true' deals and end up being scammed. So maybe overall for newbies it's better to stick with an actual shop like minideal, pandawill, etotalk etc. than trying to find a reasonably good shop on an online marketplace. With those shops at least you know who you're dealing with right? Anyway are there any new phones that should be released in August beside Xiaomi Red Rice?
  11. True, what I meant was 'most' chinese phones don't have oleophobic coating. Some obviously do :D. More Croats here, hehe.
  12. I strongly advise against ordering from Aliexpress. For more information take a look at http://www.trustpilo....aliexpress.com, there are also numerous other bad user experiences on several other websites. Don't let the prices fool you, it's a scam site. Edit: I am in a process of choosing and ordering a chinese phone(either A820 or Cubot GT99). What worries me is the fact that chinese phones lack oleophobic coating. Did anyone here find good screen protector that has oleophobic coating and could easily be used with one of those devices. Also any user experience with above phones would be greatly appreciated, either links or PMs are fine since I don't want to spam on this topic.