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  1. A427

    Touch/Display replacement-school

    Please type in English.
  2. A427

    Touch/Display replacement-school

    Getting spare parts for the CloudMobile is very difficult and expensive, AFAIK. In my opinion you should ask your colleague to contact his insurance company (and maybe you should contact yours too) to see what can be done.
  3. A427

    Errors during CM10.1 build

    Probably a malware. Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.
  4. A427


    Oops, yes, you're right. Sorry.
  5. A427


    Maybe a « sleep of death » : try holding [Power] and [Volume -] together for a while (like 10-20 seconds). This will reboot your phone.
  6. How much will you sell the phone?
  7. A427

    Battery max input

    +1. You could use a 10A charger for that matter. The device takes what it needs.
  8. A427

    Acer Incoming Call / Dialer replacer.

    I won't find anything since even Spacecaker says they tried and failed...
  9. A427

    Acer Incoming Call / Dialer replacer.

    Where did you read this ?
  10. A427

    Secret buttons below screen

    Isn't this the normal Android behavior? My Nexus 7 does exactly the same.
  11. A427

    Phone upgrade.

    I honestly think you'll get better/more answers if you ask in the Nexus 4 forum, IMHO.
  12. A427

    Phone upgrade.

    That was a simple question. No need to be rude. Calm down.
  13. A427

    Phone upgrade.

    Why do you ask about Nexus 4 on a CloudMobile forum ???
  14. The "dead phone" symptom can also be related to the infamous "Sleep of Death" bug of Android 4.x. The "Safe Charge" app is a good cure for that.