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  1. G510 PLAIN DEAD.

    Try this. Remove the battery , keep it removed for about 20 seconds. Now keep pressing the Power+Volume Up key combo and while pressing , insert the battery. It should go into recovery now. Worked for me many times. Good luck.
  2. fonz did you change something in the high audio flashable zip ? I went for some time with CM 11 and then tried CM 12 and went back to your rom but i noticed that my sound volume is terribly poor . This includes speaker volume , in-call volume and quality and notifications. Also it vibrates so low that i can`t ever feel it for the life of me and keep missing calls and notifications even if i`m walking with the phone in my pocket. I`m not saying this has anything to do with the rom or anything , i keep having this issue no matter what rom so maybe something just happened to my speaker but i don`t know. Does anyone have any solution to this ? Previously i had superb sound sound volume on this rom and on CM 11 and now no more. Thank you in advance.
  3. First of all thank you for the rom , i will try it today. Second , can i flash fonz`s high audio flashable mod from his rom? This one
  4. Good old chill. Congrats mate and thank you for this rom. Flashing right now. Cheers
  5. Ah i see .... that`s sad. I love miui. So sad that it`s so slow on our phones. Did you guys find a fast miui rom ?
  6. What do you guys know about this ? Maybe we can add it here but first how to flash it ? because it fails when i try. Thanks P.S. if you have trouble downloading it i can upload it to my dropbox and give you the link Edit 2 : There you go : Hope someone more experienced can shed light on this.
  7. What do you guys know about this ? And how to flash it ? because it fails when i try. Thanks
  8. Best Rom

    What do you guys know about this ? And how to flash it ? because it fails when i try. Thanks

    What do you guys know about this ? And how to flash it ? because it fails when i try. Thanks
  10. Maybe it depends on what you like. I always keep coming back to slimkat. Not the best performance but i like the options.
  11. How is the sound volume? Can i still replace the /system/lib/hw files with the older ones without affecting any of these changes ?
  12. I Think the END.. :(

    Porozex i had / have Gio also. It`s faster yes , but with gingerbread 2.3.6. Maybe ICS was a little acceptable but JB was already terrible. Also the dreaded battery life and GPS problems. Huawei seems better in this regard to me personally. You are right about development though , people do put a lot of love into that device considering how old it is.
  13. I Think the END.. :(

    Cheers SaurabhRCk. You were very active and helpful on this forum. You`ll be missed also. Have fun with your new phone :D
  14. Sounds like it`s not booting. But you still can boot in recovery right ? If not , shut down the phone completely , remove the battery , put the battery back in and hold volume up + power it should work. About the restore function , it never worked in TWRP for me so there you go , it might be lost. But maybe someone knows better than me and can help you more.
  15. Cm11 24/04/2014 audio libs for high sound. They go in /system/lib/hw

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