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  1. Can you upload it somewhere else, can't seem to download from goo.im
  2. UtkarshAgrawal

    CyanogenMod 10 Build R15 [02/10/14]

    It's in system->bin in the zip
  3. UtkarshAgrawal

    [AOSPA:Android4.3.1] Paranoid 3.99 RC2

    I used the 4.3 slim gapps and it works just fine
  4. UtkarshAgrawal

    CyanogenMod 10 Build R15 [02/10/14]

    Wifi not connecting on r8 I'm on y300
  5. UtkarshAgrawal

    CyanogenMod 10.1 Build R22 [02/10/14]

    Developers options is hidden in 4.2 .You can enable it by repeatedly pressing your phone build number on Settings-About Phone.
  6. UtkarshAgrawal

    CyanogenMod 10.1 Build R22 [02/10/14]

    How to get spirit fm to work? It is opening but no music is playing
  7. For those who have brightness icon sticking on auto, go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness -> Deselect Auto Brightness.
  8. I also have the same problem. Battery sticks even while using like its on 30 percent for some time then suddenly goes down to 18 percent. There was no update ,so I thought that installing a rom based on the newer software version will help, so I installed the Fusion X rom but still the same problem. Please Help! P.S.: I have Y300-100
  9. UtkarshAgrawal

    CyanogenMod 10.1 Build R22 [02/10/14]

    Hey guys I wish to download this rom and I have a few questions: 1. How is the battery drain 2. Is the milky screen present in y300 3. Can this rom be used on daily basis
  10. How to change the boot animation? I can't find the bootanimation.zip file.
  11. Firstly when I tried to flash it so I tried to open it and it said 'eocd not found probably not a zip file'.
  12. http://phandroid.com/2013/05/29/google-play-store-4-1-10-update-download