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  1. Can you upload it somewhere else, can't seem to download from goo.im
  2. It's in system->bin in the zip
  3. I used the 4.3 slim gapps and it works just fine
  4. Wifi not connecting on r8 I'm on y300
  5. Developers options is hidden in 4.2 .You can enable it by repeatedly pressing your phone build number on Settings-About Phone.
  6. How to get spirit fm to work? It is opening but no music is playing
  7. For those who have brightness icon sticking on auto, go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness -> Deselect Auto Brightness.
  8. I also have the same problem. Battery sticks even while using like its on 30 percent for some time then suddenly goes down to 18 percent. There was no update ,so I thought that installing a rom based on the newer software version will help, so I installed the Fusion X rom but still the same problem. Please Help! P.S.: I have Y300-100
  9. Hey guys I wish to download this rom and I have a few questions: 1. How is the battery drain 2. Is the milky screen present in y300 3. Can this rom be used on daily basis
  10. How to change the boot animation? I can't find the bootanimation.zip file.
  11. Firstly when I tried to flash it so I tried to open it and it said 'eocd not found probably not a zip file'.
  12. http://phandroid.com/2013/05/29/google-play-store-4-1-10-update-download

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