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  1. Anyone knows what is the best camera for android ?
  2. It's such a shame. Android L will have a bunch of new features, including longer battery life :/ But, wi will hope for it :D
  3. Installed 4.4.4 and works great. There is layout change in contact menuand it's nice :D So we shouldn't hope for Android L ? EDIT: Why i can't swipe right or left in status bar? In lower version i could do that :/
  4. @KonstaTWith this update, 21.5 works great. No delay, on previous(8.5.) it was a bit of delay, but it's great now. Btw, question. Is there some kind of thread with CM11 themes? Can I use themes for CM09, 10 if I have CM11 ? I'v seen that there is all new theme settings that you have worked on so it will be good to use it.
  5. Seems that Apollo have some problems, needs more time to skip the song, to actually load it. It was bit faster on previous update, but nvm. Gonna use new music player. Nice work, keep it up :) EDIT: Apollo work great :)
  6. Is there any way to just update it to new version or i need again install it all over again ?