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  1. is there any way to make contact icon show my profile?
  2. Double tap to unlock Mod

    i've installed tap tap app but it didn't work on my Y300
  3. Double tap to unlock Mod

    LG G2 buttery usage is normal:-? you mean sensor should be always on even when it's locked?
  4. as i herd double tap unlock is a kernel related feature. as you see in LG G2 this option would be very useful and increase speed of unlocking. can anyone make this ability for our huawei phones?
  5. can you add double tap unlock ability to this kernel?i herd this is a kernel related option.
  6. can you add double tap unlock ability to this kernel?i herd this is a kernel related option.
  7. thanks Dani. can you replace camera app with cm10.2 or cm11 camera i think they had better quality and video recorder's bit rate was 720HD
  8. Thanks Dani2014 i love your ROM and your avatar :P
  9. i'm a little confused.can you tell me which link from htcmania Baseband topic solved your problem?
  10. yashasin hossein:D is it as fast as Fusion X? what is timescape? does it gallery have sort by face as xperia z has?(i mean it can detect face of people in photos stored in gallery and then sort them by face.)
  11. if this ROM is stock based,it means that i can install FM Radio or not?is there any way for me to decrease vibration intensity?
  12. Random reboots anoying become more than usuall.any fix?
  13. is there anyway to fix videocamera force close?
  14. mass storage reboot is fixed in 31th version,the only problem is video recorder force close.

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