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  1. Maybe you need to configure your APN (Access Point Name): Settings -> (Wireless&Networks) More -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> Add a new one (Info should be somewhere on the page of t-mobile...) That's what I needed to do the first time I used this phone. Hope that works.
  2. I just updated again and it worked perfectly. I guess some strange error happened while flashing, which definitely is not the error of the ROM. Tasker cannot hook into recovery, I say it is impossible for tasker to change anything when a ROM is flashed... Maybe other apps were "uninstalled" too, I don't know but after the failed flash about 20 apps less needed optimizing than after the successful flash, so I guess something went wrong while flashing. Gapps definitely do not need to be reinstalled if there is no error while flashing. Now I'm really happy.
  3. Thanks for replying this quickly. I don't think it was a problem on google's end, even though everything except connections to google worked. What worked: browser, third-party chats what did not work: gmail, playstore, colored icons (indicating a connection to google) Here is a list of stuff I did and what fixed it again (including the colored wifi/data icons) Not Working: - wipe dalvik cache - downgrade by flashing older version + wipe dalvik [made gapps disappear somehow...maybe they weren't there after flashing the update] What worked: - Flashing gapps after downgrade [setupwizard ran again, Tasker on the device again, internet restored, complete phone config restored ] What the hell just happened to my phone? Do you have an idea why an app disappeared when updating and reappeared when flashing gapps? even though it is no gapp? This makes no sense... Maybe it is necessary to install gapps again after updating the rom, this would at least work with the new version too. But why parts of my config and apps disappeared is a mystery to me. Will try updating again later.
  4. Hi there. Thanks for your hard work. This ROM is awesome. With the newest version (built 20130806) I cannot connect to the internet with google apps. The wifi-icon stays grey. Playstore does not load anything, says: "No Connection" even though wifi is connected. I can browse to google.com with the browser at the same time, this works. Any Ideas what could be causing this? Additionally somehow tasker was uninstalled when I flashed the CM10.1 update, is this normal behaviour? Thanks for your help