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  1. Updates will be available? OTA or something.
  2. Its possible to enable pie control on this rom? For me after few minutes the back and menu button dont work, keyboard dont show up. When reboot everything work good for a few minutes and again dont work. Sorrt for my bad english
  3. When you install manualy from internal and reboot the twrp will install next update from internal automaticaly. Its like twrp remember last directory. Install things from internal not sdcard and its will be ok. Sorry for my bad english
  4. For me dont work. When select ART phone is reboot but no optimize and still using dalvik.
  5. New PAGapps have a ART support. https://plus.google.com/+ParanoidAndroidCorner/posts/FYkuneXi3J7 For me its change nothing. I select the ART phone reboots and its nothing change its still dalvik. Sorry for my bad English
  6. I do not understand what you're problem. The entire installation process (recovery) is described. I did everything according to the instructions and ROM runs smoothly and with each update is getting better and better. Dazz doing a great job.
  7. Apollo dont see my music on external sdcard. Any solution?
  8. @Dazzozo When charging phone its jump from 30% to 60% after reboot its again 30 and again jump to 60. Any idea?
  9. It's not bug. The devs of MXPlayer must update it :)