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  1. Thank you Friend Sorry for late answer but I was far from Internet for a bit
  2. Thank you a lot for your answer I will try it
  3. Hi I am looking for a patch or a ready Rom for 2 way call recording with y300. With my stock rom if I try to register I can only hear my voice and the other voice is very very low volume. Any suggestion? Regards Caolo
  4. Hi sorry for the question but I am a newb is Infusion Rom good for my y300 phone? And if not, Is there any roms for y300 that you know with 2 way call recording feature? Regards Caolo
  5. Hi I am looking for a call recording solution for this device too. Do you know any? Lewa OS 4.1.2 ROM v1.4 works well for call recording both sides?