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  1. antinbolton

    Just got an M8, step 2...

    Haven't tried cyanogenmod yet but dirty unicorns rom is pretty good and uses cm11 as it's base! Other than that the best rom I've found is insert coin! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using MoDaCo mobile app
  2. Cheers Brian will have a look mate :)
  3. Specs are the same but apparantely the radio firmware is different not really sure what that means but I'm assuming I shouldnt try flashing a p1 rom?
  4. Yeah will compare spec and see what difference is just don't wanna screw my phone up lol
  5. Well there's a thread on xda saying don't flash p1 ROMs as it'll brick the phone so I'm a bit wary of trying it haha
  6. Hey guys any idea if these roms will work on the p1 LTE?
  7. Hey guys anyone know of any development for the ascend p1 LTE can't find anything anywhere other than rooting it!?
  8. I don't get the colours problem what's the issue? I'm on the last stable version think it was 29th sept one with the ceastel kernel and I don't seem to have a problem with colours or reboots?
  9. The only ones I use are lunatic Pandora and cm10.1 by joestone having tried all on here they are the best in my opinion!
  10. Hi with regards to the galaxy rom posted I'm running it on y300-100 and it's awesome but the battery isn't syncing? In phone info it says my phones g510-200 I imagine this might be the prob anyone know a fix as its stuck on 71% when it's actually 50 lol
  11. antinbolton


    They are both set to always on so god knows what I've done! Not complaining like the battery life is awesome :)
  12. antinbolton


    Dunno if anyone has noticed but when I'm on WiFi and the screen turns off it turns of the WiFi and mobile data then when screen is on it reconnects to WiFi but if I turn it off mobile data doesn't come back on unless I do it manually! Might explain the battery use being so good but that's just my observations!