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  1. Hi, I have a new Honor 6 and it worked fine for one hour. Then I have put off the SIM for some second and put on it again but now Honor 6 doesn't see SIM card anymore. Can I solve the problem or my is Honor 6 defective? Thanks
  2. Vorrei usare nell'Huawei il "Ripristino dati di fabbrica" ma prima vorrei sare il Backup almeno dei vari account, ribrica telefonica, etc.. Sono andato nella pagina "Backup e ripristino" ma non vedo l'opzione di fare il Backup prima del "Ripristino dati di fabbrica". Come posso fare? Grazie
  3. Ciao, ho l'Huawei G510 e spero qualcuno possa aiutarmi a risolvere. Vorrei usare Voip e telefonare ad un amico che si trova in Spagna. Ho installato MobileVOIP e ho il credito di circa 6,80 euro con VoipCheap. Quando provo a chiamare con MobileVOIP sento la voce del mio amico perfettamente ma lui non sente me o meglio, sente una voce talmente distorta che non capisce assolutamente nulla. Secondo voi quale potrebbe essere il mio problema? Eppure due anni fa lo usavo parecchio MobileVOIP ma con il SAMSUNG SIII senza problemi. Mi aiutate a risolvere? GRAZIE
  4. Hi, I'd like to use my Huawei G510 as modem. I have just gone to Other/Wireless and netwoks then I have put a flag on Tethering /portatil hotpost. I have turned on my Samsung laptop, it sees very fine Android AP but it is asking me the password. I don't know it. I need to find the config. screening on Huawei to configure the pass. but I not succeeed to find that screening. Where is the config. screening please? Thanks
  5. Yes I mean 'non-TomTom' related apps installed in the internal memory. Why do you tell me "I don't think it makes any differenc"? Do you use Huawei G5? I have read some apss have problems.
  6. I thank you for your reply. I'd like to know if the already installed apps and softwares in internal memory work fine after installing TomTom on SD. Thanks again one.
  7. Hello, sorry for the urgency but do not know what to do. I have a Huawei g510 and I would like to install the TomTom with the Europe map in the external memory that is in SD memory. I already know that SD has to become the main memory and then I have to install the TomTom. But I would like to know if the programs that were installed in the internal memory will work. Should I unistalli and install them again in the SD? Some info please? thank you

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