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  1. ZTE Racer II - Help

    Please, can anyone help me with this?
  2. ZTE Racer II - Help

    Hi, my ZTE Racer II is stuck on the green android logo when powering up. I have tried various methods for recovery and tried flashing too but as I don't really know what I am doing I need some help. Anyone?
  3. Recover ZTE Racer 2 - easy steps

    Can anyone help me recover my racer 2? I would be very grateful
  4. Recover ZTE Racer 2 - easy steps

    Doesn´t work either riftguy..held it until my fingers hurt..
  5. Recover ZTE Racer 2 - easy steps

    Hi guys! I have a Racer 2 that is stuck on the Green android, tried Razvanu's method but can't get the android with warning sign (step 4 - Power on + Volume down). Any suggestions? Thanks