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  1. Bootloader unlock code

    I am from Bosnia and i not have possibility to pay for code
  2. Try but cant delete, with solid explorer and root explorer but well done great rom chil360
  3. How to unlock bootloader on my huawei g620s -Lo1 when web for unlock dont work ? I send mail to [email protected] and mobile @huawei.com and no answer.
  4. What tweaks ? Flash ower twrp ? Link ?
  5. After i flash rom, aosp keypad stop working, i try to instal google keypad but nothing what to do ?
  6. To refresh topic, how to find bootloader code on huawei y300 when dc unlocker have to pay ? And huawei web doesn't work anymore
  7. What is with huawei site, 403 forbiden ? Dont now how to send information for bootloader code and dc unlock doesnt' work for free ? On mail huawei dont answer
  8. Ok, I didn't know that dc unlocker is illegal software
  9. Yesterday i was ask question in theme Cracked dc unlocker soft for bootloader read, but today theme is gone, why ?
  10. Android 5.1.1 Released http://www.xda-developers.com/android-5-1-1-released/
  11. I think that bootloop is missing, still fastest and smoothest rom for y300, thx srfarias, exellent
  12. I will flash dirty and inform you about impressions
  13. For me don't work even after several restart, i back to slimbean
  14. That's too bad, because slimbean is the best rom for y300. I want to help but i never use logcat.