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  1. anti-rsca

    Revert to a stock rom

    I've searched, did not found a 100% clear answer... I'm not that good in installing new roms and CWM and stuff like that. Can you provide me with a clear answer please? I simply need the stock ZTE rom for my ZTE v970 Grand X dual sim. I prefer English or Dutch version.
  2. Hello all, I've bought ZTE Grand X from a Chinese website. Problem is the rom installed is one from a local provider. It doesn't have gapps, a lot of stuff in in Chinese or poorly translated English. I'd like to install a stock ZTE rom on it... can anybody help me with some steps please? Kind regards
  3. OK, so now I have the stock rom from ZTE. And I installed TPT Helper. What are the next steps?
  4. - Boot into clockworkmod This I can't seem to get right. When I install CWM I cannot seem to find a way to overwrite the stock bootstuff. I installed Skate 1.1 via the .bin file, that contained a version of CWM, but with that version I wasn't able to install this rom. So what is the correct CWM version and how do I install/config it to work correctly?
  5. I have the stock rom installed. Can somebody give me a step by step guide to install this rom? Thx in advance!
  6. It worked using these instruction (step 2) http://montecarlophone.co.uk/orange-monte-carlo/debrand-install-custom-rom/install-clockworkmod-recovery/. The problem was though the phone didn't restart on it's own. I pulled out the battery and there it was, CWM.
  7. I've tried to install CM7 with CWM, but I failed. Is there a to the point how-to-guide?
  8. Hello, Thanks for the nice work on this rom! I've installed the 1.1 via the .img method. Now i'd like to upgrade to 2.4. I've downloaded the zip which I have compose by using the kitchen. Can anyone explain me how to install the zip file? Thanks a lot!
  9. anti-rsca

    [SOLVED]Problem with gapps

    Couldn't stop myself and tried your solution for the image files also. Works like a charm. Thanks mate!
  10. anti-rsca

    [SOLVED]Problem with gapps

    After a long, long search on the web, I finally found the ZTE Handset software update tool. I'm reverting my phone back to stock rom as we speak. Thanks omegavesko. Whenever the stock rom becomes buggy again, I'll try your method.
  11. Hey guys, My stock android was getting buggy, so I decided to install a cyanogen mod on my Skate (Android 4.0.4). The problem now is that I cannot get gapps to work. When I try to boot into recovery, I only get the stock recovery, but not the CWM-version. I've tried some other methods too, but it doesn't work. Now i've found a zip file of the stock rom and a .bin file of the skatie rom. I'm not able to install any of those. Can anybody assist in how I can do one of the following 1. install gapps on my cyanogenmod or 2. install the stockfrom from the zip file I've found (bypass the "e: signature verification failed" notification) or 3. install the skatie rom from the image\image.bin file Thanks very much in advance! Kind regards