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  1. I've been using your rom for couple of days and it is very stable and smooth. I think battery life is better than cm 10.1. Thank you. The only problem is sometimes when I open camera app (included app and other installed apps) it freezes and I have to switch between front and back camera, so that it unfreezes. I think this problem is related to Cexstel kernel and its increased ram.
  2. Using these settings helped me a little and SlimLP feels a smoother: 1) don't flash gapps 2) I turned animations off, from developer options 3) I used an app called Kernel Adiutor, and disabled MPdicision . I also set both internal and external I/O scheduler to Row , and read ahead to 1024.
  3. i have tried both 0.91 and 1.00 versions and I have to say 0.91 was faster. 1.00 with gapps was very very slow and I had to flash it again without gapps. for me wifi and mobile data was okey in both versions. hope this helps, thank you chil360
  4. thank you @fonz93 ,this rom is simply perfect ! I've got 2 questions: 1- I want the second cpu core to be always active ,how can I activate it without using any apps like kernel tuner ? 2- what kernel do you suggest with this rom ? synopsis stable or Chil360-kernel v0.53 or the default kernel provided in this rom ?
  5. I've flashed the latest build and it's very smooth and battery life is amazing, thank you H3ROS :wub: I wanted to ask if you think the latest stable synopsis kernel is better than the kernel included in this rom ? And are there any tweaks that I can do to have better performance ? (like enabling debug.enabletr=true and hwui.render_dirty_regions=true)
  6. oops I didn't notice that :D actually on this rom the best I've got was 7500, I think .
  7. Wow ! I never had any score higher than 7600... could you share what kernel are you using and if you tweaked anything ? also what is your cpu governor and io scheduler ?
  8. [KERNEL] [Y300/G510] Stock Huawei

    I am using Viber on AOSP MOD with your latest experimental kernel, and it connect to viber network(I have been using it for past 4 hours). I did a full charge of my phone, and from 100% to 83%, it took 4 hours,wifi was on and screentime was about 40mins ( I am using ondemand+deadline+18% zRam). so far battery life is good I think. thank you moddingg33k. Also I wanted to ask, if there is any thing that can force our device to use more of zRam disk size, for example now my used ratio is 0.75, I want it to be more than this. when we use swap, we have the option swappiness, which if we set something like 80, it swaps more. do we have an option like this for zRam ?
  9. I am using VIPER, it works perfectly when I'm listening to music with handsfree, but when I got a call(and I'm using handsfree) it doesn't work :(
  10. thank you chil360 for your great work on this rom. I don't know if this is possible or not but it would be very appreciated if you could somehow make incall sound,stronger. It's one problem that was persistent in every rom I've tried so far.
  11. HI, my friend has a g510 t8951 and I wanted to unlock its boot loader.I tried huawei site but it didn't give me the unlock code saying "wrong product ID...". I double checked product id sn and imei several times... SO I was wondering if anyone had the same model and was able to unlock it ? are all the roms available here for g510, compatible with this model ? Thanks in advance :D
  12. Thank you chil360 for your great work on this rom :wub: I had 5.2 on my huawei y300, and it worked perfectly, Then I tried to install 5.4 and mobile antena wasn.t working(couldn't make any calls...). I tried just flashing the 0.39 kernel on 5.2, and the problem existed like before. is there any fix for it ?
  13. Thank you :D I hope he will be back, he was making great progress...
  14. can anyone upload the latest synopsis kernel?
  15. sry guys, but no one know how to use zram with performance control ?