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  1. Your gapps have always worked for me and been CM user for a long time, however yesterday I wanted to do a clean install and got a problem. I format every partition, wipe data, install CM and gapps from your post, everything seems OK, but when phone finally boots up, there's no google store and it doesn't ask for google sign in. Why? no other gapps work, this seems to install no prob, but wont appear in apps.
  2. No. The problem is that the official gapps( gapps-kk-20140105-signed.zip) from their page doesn't work on CM11 for me. Can't add google account, playstore instantly closes, randomly getting "hangouts stopped working". I have no problems with CM10.1 and CM10.2, for those I just download required gapps version and install it. One guy on reddit tried to help me with this, but I'm still having the problem
  3. I've had same problem when tried installing custom rom for the first time. You have to install a newer version of clockworkmod recovery. Mine is and works fine for 10.1 and 10.2 which I've been using.
  4. Hello. I always had problems with installing custom roms. I finally managed to install CM 10.2 with gapps and it's working! At least I thought so.. My phone usually shows "no service" and drains mobile data even though I have disabled it. So I thought I will just try CM 11. However I can't seem to get gapps to work. I've installed "1-11_GApps_Standart_4.4.2_signed.zip" which supposedly should work for CM 11, but I after I install and set up the phone I don't get prompted for google account and there's no playstore in app list. I need it, because it will restore all the apps and stuff for me. TL;DR Need working gapps for CM11. Unless there's a way to fix "no service" bug in CM 10.2. That would be great. Any help appreciated:)