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  1. I really like CM. Many thanks for building CM13 for our devices. Will you release an update now and then?
  2. VLC doesn't automatically choose not to use the hardware decoder. I have to change the setting by hand, otherwise VLC won't play videos. Could that be changed, so that the rom won't use the hardware decoder?
  3. Thanks, I will try this patch soon.
  4. Thanks for fixing stagefright soon. This rom feels quite smooth. Great work
  5. Is the stagefright vulnerability patched in the latest version?
  6. I certainly hope that next Friday's build will be available because of the stagefright vulnerability.
  7. Goodbye Friends

    The only Italian word that I know comes in handy right now: Arrivederci :D and thanks for all your good work!
  8. I would like dsp manager. :)
  9. I can wait for that. It is not that important. Thanks anyway
  10. The contacts app? Of course. If I'm not mistaken It is shown on line 829 that the app has died.
  11. You mean something like this? 2014-11-10-12-09-59.txt
  12. Here is a logcat. I hope that it can help you. 2014-11-10-11-05-40.txt
  13. When I try to merge two contacts, the contacts app gets forced closed
  14. Thanks, the problem is fixed for me.