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  1. i uploaded one version with not working camera but I forgot wich one it is. Download some other release.
  2. http://www.modaco.com/topic/365417-rom-u8833-411-emotionui-16-ported-from-c8813-b608-emotionui-16/?p=2160644 quote name="fonz93" post="2244768" timestamp="1419251189"]There is a fix somewhere in this forum (and htcmania) for calls problem. What do you mean with prepare? do you want a flashable .zip or an update.app?
  3. Get nerdy and find rom before May 11th. If you referring to kk rom. Use www.google.com :)
  4. caf and omx (updates) changes, try to make Skype to work.
  5. Goodbye Friends

    don't worry, Luca won't leave modaco and all he did here so far was just the beginning :) He can't leave us ;)
  6. I was thinking your HuaweiQualcommRIL.java and one I send u. + ro.cdma.subscribe_on_ruim_ready=true E/PhoneBase( 1258): Error! registerForCallWaiting() in PhoneBase should not be called, CDMAPhone inactive.
  7. I don't know. We wait word from chil now :) I just did some research.
  8. // Hack for Lollipop // The system now queries for SIM status before radio on, resulting // in getting an APPSTATE_DETECTED state. The RIL does not send an // RIL_UNSOL_RESPONSE_SIM_STATUS_CHANGED message after the SIM is // initialized, so delay the message until the radio is on. @Override public void getIccCardStatus(Message result) { if (mState != RadioState.RADIO_ON) { mPendingGetSimStatus = result; } else { super.getIccCardStatus(result); } } @Override protected void switchToRadioState(RadioState newState) { super.switchToRadioState(newState); if (newState == RadioState.RADIO_ON && mPendingGetSimStatus != null) { super.getIccCardStatus(mPendingGetSimStatus); mPendingGetSimStatus = null; } } }
  9. CAF version for Y300: http://www.mediafire.com/download/q5cao8leg2dy93d/LS-KK-v3.2-2014-11-30-u8833.zip Pretty much same except browser has no white boxes and a/v issue with Skype still remain. It's not a kernel issue. I tested it before. EDIT: Recorded videos can't be played :( Don't know why yet. edit// logcat: backtrace: stack: