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  1. Unlock your bootloader

    Hello I have a Huawei G510-0100 VDF Romania and I can not put another rom on it than B190 Huawei G500-0200 Pakistan. disappeared imei show imei unknown and the sv is 75 so I can not unlock bootloader to make another recovery the phone was in service and modified before starting logotype logo now appears VDF Huawei Ascend with magic and they gave me a different IMEI I installed another rom but outside it does not take another rom pakistan. the service came with rum 194 v 1.6 G510-0100 can do something? rum was originally -0100 B170 but does not take than the one big one than 500kb de1.07 gb tells rootare update failed after I entered adb to install TWRP or cyangen recovery mode but I failed with a warning image appears in reset mode goes all over Pakistan, about solving anything please help me, thanks
  2. hard reset

    ok not happening nothing
  3. hard reset

    I think is b170
  4. hard reset not working on Huawei g510 , in twrp tried flash wrong rom ,and now is need help please ; my englis is bad