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  1. Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    So is it correct to assume there will be 1 big file to download which contains the samsung rom, modaco.switch and GPe rom? And to flash this file from cwm recovery?
  2. Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    Right now using wanamlite v1.4 4.2.2 for i9505. So i need to revert back to stock samsung rom before using the switch. Before using the switch, can i root the stock rom? or does the modaco.switch provide root? If it will be the same as the HTC one version i can stay on the Wanamlite rom because it is already rooted and has cwm recovery! So then i probably only have to install the SWITCH-rom after i did a data-wipe. Oh well i guess we will find out soon :) !!
  3. Beta 2: MoDaCo.SWITCH S4 i9505 support topic

    CANT WAIT! Also, when the Switch is working do we need both official stock roms (samsung and GPe) or can we use custom roms like Wanamlite + GPe ? Just curious. Well anyway if its only stock roms they have to be final roms not beta right?