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  1. After taking a Picture with the default camera, it will crash :( 20140126 build.
  2. i also having a Reboot when i play/open Zombie Diary, but still, this is a good ROM :)
  3. Settings > Buttons > Backlight
  4. im experienced it in the past, what i did was just remove the battery, then put it on after 5mins.
  5. just be happy that dazzozo's ROM is more stable compared to others and it is being updated nightly
  6. i just updated my G510 with 28/10 nightly :O
  7. uhm. iam getting confused about the storage. after i install the ROM, which is the default? internal or the SD card?
  8. no problem encountered during update :)
  9. swap turorial?

    thanks pinky :D
  10. swap turorial?

    weird cause i dont have it :O
  11. swap turorial?

    how can i disable zRam?? where can i find it?