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  1. Also im rooted and have CWM installed if thats worth mentioning.
  2. That is the problem, i cannot update, OTA or any other method. What ROMs will work on the 109808 baseband with having to upgrade, i have CWM installed and dont know whether that means my bootloader is unlocked.
  3. I know it should work but it doesnt, i downloaded the official update from the huaweidevice website but when i tried to install it got stuck about a 3rd of the way. The middle package also gets stuck 3rd of the way as well when it is unpacking. I think its something to do with the B801 software version i am on.
  4. wifi wont connect, the IMEI zero done with the IMEIhacktoolv10 didnt work and just screwed with stuff including wifi. Is it the mac address? i have backups with 5irom and the default of the tool
  5. also i cannot connect to wifi, i think i stuffed the mac address :(
  6. cant get it to work on mine, im on some strange b801 software, the imei isnt zeroing in about phone although it says it has written the hack. I cannot update the phone either it, gets stuck about a 3rd and i have to pull the battery and reset. Its really weird though because when i turn on the phone its reset and has a different background and no vodacrap. wtf is happening to my phone.
  7. so what i am asking is can i install CM on my phone on 109808 baseband without bricking it
  8. thats the problem though, i cant update my phone. I tried holding volume and power buttons but that didnt work. I dont get any ota updates either so idk what i should do.
  9. i just changed phones to a g300 today, im in aus and i cant do an OTA update for anything. The software version is also something really strange like b801 i think, i followed this guide http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/ up to the part where i had to check the baseband. Neither of the UPDATE.APP files work the get stuck at verifying. I read somewhere you can do a hack on the IMEI but i would prefer another method. I need CM on my phone, i had CM on my other phone so going to a stock rom is unbearable how can i update the baseband so i can finally use my phone to its full extent.
  10. my g300 is on some funny stock rom ,b801 i think, i cant update it with the update.app and would prefer not to do imei hack to update it, i had CM running on my old LG P350 and i want a CM rom for my g300 to. Ive rooted but dont really know how to install a recovery, can i install CWM and then CM and then CM again to get the 2030 baseband? can someone please help or at least point me in the direction of a guide or something?