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  1. Try format cache/system inside philz_touch. Reboot recovery ->mounts and storage ->format system/cache, do a factory wipe and reinstall part 1 and 2.
  2. Got the same thing until i did a format cache/system inside Philz_touch (based on cwm and factory wipe and did a complete install of the TW rom, reboot recovery and then install GPe rom. That did it for me! To format inside philz_touch you need to go to: recovery -> mounts and storage -> choose format cache and format system. I also did format data buth then the internal sd is wiped! All is working though! For the OTA update you need to go to recovery again and install zip from sd card ->browse to: /ota update/download and then choose the file, reboot and your fine! Thats what i got.
  3. Ok i got the switch working! Bugs i found: 1. Nova launcher widgets changes when changing rom. 2. Google drive app and google play books app went missing after switching from GPe to TW. Had to reinstall. 3. Google keep only worked on GPe when updated to latest version. 4. Cant connect to bluetooth speaker (samsung YA-BS300) in GPe. TW works fine.
  4. Got the same thing!
  5. Well i'll be damn......d Its booting in GPe after i did the following in Philz_touch recovery mode: 1. go to mounts and storage 2. format cahce and format system 3. reboot recovery 4. install zip beta1 (samsung rom) 5. reboot recovery 6. install zip beta2 (gpe rom) 7. Boot phone You are now in samsung rom and use the switch! Also if you want to udate (OTA) then you have to reboot in recovery and flash the zipfile found in /ota/download and reboot
  6. I have the same problem here. Tried flashing many times (use philz_touch). Still no GPe. Apparantly theres no answer. I think the Switch is a 50/50 thing
  7. Ok so far the switch inst working for me. It will boot again only in TW rom. Also got an OTA update for beta2 but it doenst install that update so everytime i reboot i get the üpdate" message. The only app i see in the app drawer is the Switch app. There has to be another right? Anybody have some ideas?
  8. Installed beta1 and beta2 but i do not have the switch-app installed? Here what i did: 1. Root phone on xxubmga 2. installed philz_touch_5.11.2 3. Into recovery installed 4. Installed! (bad) 5. rebooted recovery and again installed 6. Reboot phone and it booted into settings menu and got a frehsly installed stock rom..........BUT NO SWITCH..????? I did a full wipe...! Does anybody have the same problems? Ah...i see an option in philz that instead of data/factory reset i can wipe for a new rom installation, so i did that and the took a little longer to install. I think the first attempt it installed far to quick.... Booting now... Heh! Working now! Got the ota update for switch, so rebooting now after ota update! Ok the update for the samsung.switch rom did not update...still on beta1 and using the switch to boot in GPe did not work also, still in samsung rom!
  9. What versions of CWM / TWRP do i need to use? There are different versions.... Having a hard time trusting twrp. I see to many problems
  10. Ok thanx! What version of cwm did you use? I used But this one failed to install android 4.3 once
  11. I got serious trouble using twrp. Somehow it corrupted my sd card as well. Still readable on pc and after a full wipe also on fresh stock samsung rom..... For the people who got it working: What did you do. Step by step?
  12. Had the same thing! Did a factory wipe without the external card and it booted with wifi, but later on the phone did not want to reboot :( Flashing the stock touchwiz rom (latest). Crossing my fingers.... If this works a will stay far away from twrp. CWM (611) does work fine but i heard it does NOT work with android 4.3....
  13. It appears that somehow removing the external sd card (64gb) made the twrp boot again. I flashed a zipfile (wanamlite) from the external sd card so maybe it wasnt installed correctly so it couldnt boot. Flashing now from internal sd card.....Ok worked! ....reboot.....failed!!......rebooting WITH external far past the first bootscreen, now at second bootscreen........nothing :( Ok so my official statement is...twrp SUCKS (imho). Not going to use it again, EVER. So people beware of using twrp, there are a lot of versions out there
  14. Again twrp freezes up! Totally unresponsive! Now i have a bricked phone :( Too bad both computers (win 7) at home fail to recognise all our android phones via usb so i have to get back to work tomorrow to get my phone fixed aaaaargh!
  15. And now the startup screen teamwin (twrp) freezes........

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