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  1. I second this, I've tested all custom rom, this is near perfect, long battery life, no crash until now, smooth, many thanks to devs! Massimo
  2. Plaese, can you post your backup with working FM? I need the FM part amd will try to fix the radio part, many thanks, Max
  3. On the same site is also present the kernel source for the 510.100 phone. Max
  4. Kernel source for both Y300 and 510.100 available, can be of some interest for developers? If Joestone need these please let me know. Massimo
  5. @joestone Finally fixed my wifi probs with last build: was very difficult to understood as all in house pc, tablets and phones work, but I've to reset the router and then wifi work perfect with 15 sep. build too... maybe the router don't liked the phone MAC address or whatelse, but now work, thank joestone for your work, the rom is very stable! Max
  6. Flashed the 12 sep build, wifi works well, don't know what happen with 15sep build and my phone, no internet connession under wifi. Max
  7. Tried this, no way, the phone connects to router ma no internet, other phones works fine, tablets works fine, I'll flash the old build and see if all works as before this build and let you know. Max
  8. It's a strange thing: after the flash of 15 sep and the gapps, after restarting the phone ask for my gmail detail and try to connect to internet, the WiFi is on and connected but seem to be no internet access, also the browser can't connect and the gplay too...
  9. eh già, ti sembra strano? il telefono vede il router ma non va in internet... This WiFi bug is only in the 15 september build, the 12 sep. works perfect, the router is perfectly working, with the previous release the phone connect and go to internet withou problems... Max
  10. No way to have WiFi working in this build, reflashed the 12 september build, someone with the same bug? I'm on Y300.100 phone the WiFi connect but not internet at all, with the 12 sep. WiFi works perfect! Max
  11. I've tested MIUI camera, reboots after 5-6 photos too. Massimo
  12. On my Y300 the screen is near perfect, not milky or colorless, bugs are only those in OP, plus camera rebbot after 5-6 photos, I'll try other camera app. Max
  13. Many thanks for this, I'm on your 12 sept. release without any problems (Y300.100 phone), also battery work fine! I'll flash this new build soon. Massimo PS: any idea for the FM radio, SpiritFM does't have audio.
  14. Ok, but I see in the build.prop "model G510", there's somethings I must change? (I was ask for the Joestone rom, not for the Kraios that I've already on my phone!) Massimo
  15. Hi Joestone, thanks for the update, can be flashed without modify on the Y300.100 as well? Thanks, Max