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  1. To: konstaT

    can you tell me how to remove 800mhz from freq-table? In addition , l also want to know why this could fix blue screen? thank you
  2. Dear konstsT, could you give me a hand?

    thank you .what you said is right, the blue,screen has fixed
  3. Dear konstsT, could you give me a hand?

    in other word, if i take down cpu to 800mhz , the issue was reduced, ?
  4. Dear konstsT, could you give me a hand?

    i want to know, is there blue screen happened on blade 3? n880e use the cm 10 or 10.1will be blue screen
  5. my phone is zte n880e , could you make a rom for this phone? I like you roms very much, you roms which maked for blade 3 is also running on n880e,but there is a few bug , such.as wifi bluetooch mobile network .there are not work,besides, you rom is very wonderful, my english is poor, i am sorry .....if you could make rom for n880e,it doesn't matter that the system language is chinese or english? help me okay?thank you! the best wishes !:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: To:konstaT, I am sorry for this error