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  1. I did wait for around 5-7 minutes after the frozen white screen in first try and again for around 20-25 minutes a few times. I tried re-partitioning and image copy again.
  2. Hi Argentinos, I am not able to start Android. After following the installation steps, once I start HARET.EXE 1.Haret Booting Linux ... 2. Bla bla bla booting messages 3. Something in chinese "......Ghost.... I8000 etc all in red 4. The cyanogenMod revolving logo with flashing square 5. A stable white square and after that it seems hung indefinitely. I tried with V4 and installing it in 8 GB SDHC card with recommended partitions. Had some difficulty with "ImageRecover.exe" on my 64 bit windows 8 laptop but managed by downloading trial version of Image for Windows.... Its little tricky to get it working - install and launch with correct system date - Change the date to Sep 2011 just before choosing TBI File.