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  1. ajjaajaj thx tillaz, I searched everywhere except in the most obvious place, sorry.
  2. Hi Chavo11, googling I can't find a kernel b199 file to flash (I just found the b199 stock rom, 600MB≈), can you please give me that file or a link to download it? Thanks
  3. Hi, too late for me, I installed the kernel cexstel and I also have problems with youtube...¿is there any way to return to stock kernel without reinstalling the rom?
  4. Hello! Has anyone tried to install this app on FusionX B03?: ViPER4Android Audio Effects - FX v2.2.1.1 http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2191223 I'm not sure wich CPU Type is the y300 or if this works well having DSP Manager, would be great to add in later versions. Thanks ;)