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  1. well, i was thinking if someone steals my phone that he/she has a little bit more hard to work for wiping out this rom, so that i have more time to locate it.
  2. I am having twrp recovery installed, and I want to uninstall it, because I am satisfied with this rom and I don't need recovery (twrp or cwm) anymore. Can I achieve that with this topic? http://www.modaco.com/topic/355634-back-to-stock-recovery/ If the answer is yes, how to do that?
  3. I am running this pach from the day one since it's came out, and in my case everything works great. No battery drain and no lag.
  4. I am using this rom so I think it is ok to post my questio here :ph34r: ? Sometimes I am using my phone as a router, and everything works great, except when someone is calling me while I'm surfing with the computer, then the data mobile is cut off and, off course, my comp is not anymore attach to the network. I have tried numeros apps and they are working ok, but they can't prevent immediate hang-up, so the first few second my data is off. Is there any way to prevent this and block all calls with some tweaks or with some app that I don't know?
  5. I can confirm this. I have deleted manually all scripts from init.d except from pach3b and 90userinit (because I was flash link2int). Actually scripts "00test" and "00initdcheck" are the same and also "01tweaks" and "10tweaks", so probably that was the problem...and maybe not? Once again thank you kyan for this great rom, and thank you pocha for making init.d working. AND STOP FIGHTING! :)
  6. Unfortunately your second pach didn't fix the problem with the airplane mode, at least not for me. I didn't flash anything beside your first pach. But thank you anyway.
  7. Does anyone else having force closed some of the apps after flashing "Swipe Away Notifications" by Hippy Dave? And also Facebook messenger doesn't work anymore, it's stays on grey background. I have tried two times, and it's the same thing.
  8. It's for both version. You don't need to change anything. Just follow instructions.
  9. Try MIUI GB Where did you find this last version? I can find only V5 4.6.13 Yes just change all 8818 to 8815 lines
  10. Never mind. I've figured out. Back to my daily rom, this one is too laggy.
  11. I've installed this version, and this is my first miui. At the moment, it seems that i can't install anything from playstore. When i click "install" the instalation just hangs. And also...how the heck to check ram usage on miui? :ph34r:
  12. I have this rom nearly a one month, and it's perfect! No slowdowns after a while, like in any other ics and above rom. I'm even installing apps in the internal sd, thanks for THIS tutorial, and i've bought holo launcher for him :) Thanks Kyan again for this great rom!
  13. Aha! The only thing that currently coming to my mind is to freeze that apps, and unfreeze when you need them. Basicly greenify is also doing that. Try THIS or THIS
  14. Why? You don't need that. I have 55 apps installed (without system apps), sync f. messenger, viber, whatsapp, k9 mail (3 emails sync), skype, and still have plenty of ram (100 mb average), and battery life is half of day on really heavy use, one day on heavy use, and 2-3 days on regural use. I'm on 2030 bb, and no signal loss (offically onlocked bootloader). This is by far the best rom for this phone! Everything above this (ICS, JB, KK) is overkill...I've tried plenty of ICS, JB roms (no KK because is unstable). Kyan, when you turn 18, and come on holliday in my country, you have a beer! :D