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  1. yes, the problem is this.. system/vold/Volume.cpp: In constructor 'Volume::Volume(VolumeManager*, const fstab_rec*, int)': system/vold/Volume.cpp:146:21: error: 'mount_point' was not declared in this scope system/vold/Volume.cpp:147:22: error: 'mMountpoint' was not declared in this scope system/vold/Volume.cpp:150:22: error: 'mMountpoint' was not declared in this scope make: *** [/home/galaxy/jobs/android/android/cm-11.0/out/target/product/u8833/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libminivold_intermediates/Volume.o] Error 1 make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... so volume files have problems... and some funcions have warnings but nothin special :P
  2. with this site : http://jenkins.thebr...ob/android/378/ we can see that the bild failed... i look ate the log file and i think some variables are missim in one file... :/ wait till tomorow..
  3. filipe.lopes

    [Requesting] PACMAN ROM for y300 :)

    +1 plzzz i love that rom *-*
  4. joe help me... why i can't install your's cm10.1 im my g510-0100?? i have kra5o1's cm10.1, and when i flash your's giveme a error in assert ! ... i'm from portugal.. sorry for bad english :)
  5. i had kra1o5's cm10.1.. :/ gona try with stock :P
  6. i had kra1o5's cmw... :/ gona try with the stock :P K
  7. why i can´t install it im my g510-0100??? giveme a assert error in cwm :/ plz help me :)