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  1. thanks, strange, i copied the hiawei fmradio.apk from stock rom b166 ... i always get thw error whwn isntalling, but this huawei fmradio.apk i downloades its working now.. again thank you .
  2. can someone please share or post huawei radiofm.apk with its libs? normal install or installing via system will just give me application not installed.
  3. Im using b194 stock rom. In stock the minimum cpu is 320mhz, i just downloaded the update antutu has. I got 7213 score. Before the the update i only get around 6000 upto 7000 score. In fusionx b03 its already set to 194mhz. I see it in fusionx performance setting.
  4. May be this will help. I installed rom toolbox and adjust the performance-cpu control to max slider to full and min slider to the low which is 194mhz from 320mhz. To juice the battery. @Tillaz.. aa always. thanks for your helping tips. I just wait for fusionx base on b194 and with new aosp built rom.
  5. Regarding b194 stock rom. For my experience using it. Wifi always on, about 3hrs of browsing, listening to music for about 2hrs, all sync option is turn off, watching youtube for about 1hr. Gps turn off, some call and txting. For me its pretty good battery life. @ i tried flashing the huawie native fmradio app even it was succeasful flashing it via recovery but still its not installing. The apk is already in system/app when i check with root explorer. And my fellow users here has the same problem as mine. Im not newbie ib installing stuff. I guess base on my experienced.
  6. Go to settings - apps - all and check if the FM radio is there, also is your recovery saying the flash was successful? @ Yes.. it says successful after i flashing.. the hwfmradio.apk is in system/app .. and no its not in the list when I check is menu setting-manage app. Now im using b194 that tillaz posted... smooth much better from all other stock ROM... waiting for fusion new build.
  7. @Thunderdigital I did that already, after flashing via recovery, i can see now thw hwfmradio.apk in my system/app but no icons in my desktop. I even rebooted twice my cp.... May be you can upload tour flashable fmradio.apk ? So that i can download and try.. thanks
  8. The flash in default toggle in fusionx is working now after going into fusionx menu. Yes i already tried installing the hwfmradio.apk as nornal app after pressing install i get this x error saying application not installed.
  9. I was looking for toggle setting but i cant find it, i already double check my toggle list and i cant see icon for flash... can you please help me locate where it is? I dont have toggle settings in menu. Anyway downloaded the tesla flash light :app and working nice thanks.. now the only problem is fm radio app. Edit: i dont know if its just my y300-0100.. i get error when flashing the huawei fm radio apk.. i also did manually putting it into system/app then when i reboot the cellphone the fm apk in system dissapear or deleted.
  10. @Tillaz Please include the fm radio and flash light in next new build, i tried already copying the fm and flash light app from stock rom but when i try to install it, i got error and will not install, tried both in system/app and data/app.
  11. Count me, i can test it to for asean version :)
  12. Im using y300-0100 and its lock to globe telecom here on philippines.. Anyway, im using b03, i found out that the sound on b03 is not anymore loud compare to last version., also when someone is calling me the volume is not loud and if i press vol +/- it stop ringing and the call goes on.. please kindly check this bug in sound.
  13. Wew, it seems the next build will vbe more on optimizing the codes, expect performance and battery improvement .. waiting here hehehe. Thanks to the dev and contributors.
  14. I just installed poweramp and i was able to set my mp3 as ringtone. And about fm radio, i try to install it as system app.. thanks for tips h3ro
  15. First, thank you for your time in making fusion x rom, the rom is smooth and very stable.. cheers... May i/we request to include some features that in stock rom please.. the following are: 1. FM radio .. this is very useful for listening to new music and some breaking news or events... 2. MP3 as ring and alert tone. I can't set my mp3 as my ringtone or message tone..