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  1. Heavy battery problems

    There is no question :) I have just posted this so if maybe one day someone else has similar problems, he can easily find out where the problem comes from. My Ebay battery has arrived, I've installed it into my phone (it came with 59% load), and now I have again a normal battery life, just as it was when the phone was new.
  2. I'm having a problem with my G300, or better said - with the battery. The phone is now old aprox 1 year and 7 months. The phone was charging 3-4 hours as usual. After taking it off the charger, it shows 92-93%. When the 3G is on, I can use the phone for 15minutes (the phone shows than 70%, then 50%, and in the end 12%, 4%), after that it turnes off because the battery drained rapidly. I don't have installed new apps a few months ago... Then, I plug it on the charger again, an ih 5 minutes it comes to 100%. Than the same story again. I use the phone just for every-day things - mail check, a little bit Taptalk, a bit Facebook (no Messenger), Viber... But now that is impossible because of the rapid-drain. Without 3G, or actualy just stand by without any internet connection, the phone can "live" for 3-4 hours (really without touching it). I'm pretty shure the battery is dead, I would say that the battery is now a little bit fater in the middle, it doesn't fit in the phone as before when everything was OK. I ordered a new battery via Ebay for 7,59euros. It could maybe come thrue warranty, but I really don't have time for that, and I need the phone every day. After the battery comes, I will test it and make a short reply to this.
  3. My Huawei G300 started to freeze

    I would do the same as you. Backup your contacts, or whatever is important to you, and try another ROM, custom or official. Maybe even a factory reset could help, maybe you should try that first. Wait also for an opinion from a more experienced user.
  4. Smoothest ROM

    I am very satisfied with GB Slim v7. I'm using that ROM for 3+ months. I just like the simplicity of GB. If your job or something else not depends on that phone, try a few ROMs. Have them installed for a week or two, just to see if you are OK with them (RAM, maybe lags, will you get used to it...). If you don't like the stock GB launcher (I hate it) - try some custom launchers like GoLauncher, Holo Launcher... On this forum you can find everything about the G300, just search ;)
  5. Today I had two situations/problems - I couldn't call anyone, and nobody couldn't call me, also no SMS messaging, I try to send, but when the message "gets out", a fail message appers. When I try to call, the regular screen appers, but there is no dialing tone. After rebooting the phone, everything is OK, calls and SMS sending/receiving are OK. Does anybody had this problem?
  6. Must have app for everybody who often uses headphones! Thanks for linking! Helped a lot! ps - I'm on GB slim v7, when I play music via the stock media player, everything is OK, Sound Booster boosts the volume of the sound. When I want to listen to radio, I have to turn off Sound booster because when it's on, there is no sound on FM player.
  7. It seems that I founded some strange bugs... First, sometimes when I am just doing something on my phone, the phone starts being just a bit slower than normal (this is not the bug, it is because quite a lot of apps), but then I hit the "home" button, and exact after that, for maybe 0.01 secound I see a new background that looks like a big arrow-down in grey color, something that could look like a huge "download button". After that minimalistic part of a second background change" bug, the background turns back to normal. Second - sometimes, etc I am browsing via Tapatalk, or just exploring the SD card with the stock Data manager, when I hit "back" just one time, the phone brings me back to the home screen, but I couldn't leave the app with just one time tapping "back", for that I would have to use the "home" button. Third - yesterday, I was driving in my car. As usual, I put my phone near the handbrake, the phone is in a leather-cover, so it is soft, not direct on the plastic of the car. That day, my phone reseted itself for two times (I entered the PIN code once, and then 5 minutes later, the same thing). Today, I was driving the same way, the same speed, the phone was on the same place, and everything was OK. This problem I had also once with the ICS slim v13 ROM. Maybe this is just a coincidence, but even with GB slim and ICS slim, the 3G was on (maybe this could be an important info). Fourth - does your phones turn a bit slower when the 3G is on, in comparation to Wi-Fi ? I don't mean the speed of the data transfer, I mean the speed of the phone. Does anybody had experince like me? Maybe not all of this are bugs, but that's my experience for now. But, I am very satisfied with this ROM.
  8. Not 2-3 weeks of battery life, I was using the Ics slim ROM for 2-3 weeks. The battery survived for about 1 day with quite moderate using, 1.5 days normal use, or 2 days with minimum use. On this GB slim ROM the battery seems to have even better life than on Ics slim. After at least one week of using this Rom, I will have more info about the battery life with this Rom.
  9. It worked! Thanks! I was 2-3 weeks on the Slim ICS v13, I'm pretty shure that the battery life on this GB Slim v7 ROM is about 20-30% better.
  10. I am using this ROM for about 9-10hours. I installed all my usual apps (cca 20 apps), and the ROM is still very quick. Before this ROM, I was on CM10.2, but the CM simply is not for me, I can't get used to it. This "slim" ROM is excellent - simple, quick, easy to use. After all installed apps, I still have about 120-150Mb of RAM free, still no laggs! Awesome! After flashing the ROM, I had a problem with Google Market - I constantly got the error 492 when I tryed to install any application. Then I rebooted the phone to Recovery, I did all wipes except data wipe. The I turned the phone on, turned on wi-fi, log in with google account, opened Google play, agreed the License terms, and then I let the phone for 40mins doing nothing. In the meantime the phone updated Google Market to the new version, and everything worked OK, there was no error anymore. I just have a question about the ROM - - somebody already asked - how to turn on the "quick toggle menu" for Wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, 3G, auto-rotation ? Thanks!
  11. I was one the Slim V13 ICS for about 2 weeks. I was very satisfied, much much better than the stock ICS for G300. The only bug that was bothering me was the "no-name caller", but there is a fix that you can use to repair the bug, and then it is OK.
  12. I am using Camera Zoom FX. It has more options than the stock camera. But night-shots are still pretty bad (blur), you must have a very still hand to take a good picture at night or at low-light places.