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  1. Hello, i bought a Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 a bargain from vodafone and i'd like to know if is going to be any development for that phone? sorry for my english ;)
  2. how to make external sd card as default storage again?
  3. i would like to know if someday jellybean roms on g300 can have the performance in 3d apps like ics?
  4. the performance in games with this last update dropped i dont know if it's only me but when a play temple run2 with the early nightlys it was playable but now with this last update it lags a lot, by the way its's not possibily to have the ics performance in games(really good) in this rom, i just want to thank every person that woks on this rom for doing such a great job keeping the G300 alive!
  5. well seems that no nightly tonight :(
  6. yes i know, but the nightly before this is better, i hope that tonight's nightly fix the FC's
  7. this last nightly is buggy as hell i have to go back to my backup, since i installed the last nightly and boot up, starts showing force closes in trebuchet and almost every google app
  8. if i install gapps the phone doesn't boot Edit: nevermind it just takes a little bit more. btw, nice work
  9. Boas! Pessoal andei a vasculhar na "DeepWeb" das roms e encontrei uma Cyanogenmod 10.2 para o G300 se quiserem dar uma vista de olhos ou tentar melhora-lá está aqui: DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire...18-EN-u8815.zip Fonte:http://androidforum....=46233&p=641162 G300's NOT DEAD!!! :D