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  1. Indeed, that is the best advice -- I haven't moved to this ROM since having problems with it since it first came out -- I was mindlessly attacked for my criticisms, arguing instead that it was unstable and not yet safe for me to move onto -- well, my observations have been demonstrated to be justified -- instead, I've had several weeks successfully working with Dazzozo's earlier 10.1 ROM, with ALL my apps, video included -- I've even moved to getting the paid version of MX Player -- something I'd be very sorry about if I had still been on this ROM -- not all "new", "amazing stuff" toys work as they're supposed to
  2. OK, what have I missed -- I've tried several times to OTA nightly of October 18, but each time I've got the error response -- failed to open, no such file or directory -- clearly I've missed some change. Any ideas? I'm currently on nightly of September 27th -- given ongoing problems with 10.2, I haven't seen any need to change -- Hey, I like using MX Player :-) (and I've seen 10.2 still has problems with that)
  3. I just got a post on this topic -- don't even know how I got added to the list BUT I've got an older model Huawei -- U8652 -- not bad, but it runs like a dog -- VERY slow to re-build screen etc Currently using CM7.2-benru89-v4 any idea what a better ROM might be for that phone? I'm using CM10.1 for my G300, the U8652 is an old, backup, phone
  4. that's why I asked if you had done a FULL wipe -- always a good idea when installing a new ROM, provided you've got a backup, which is also a good idea
  5. did you do full wipes? once it's installed, you'll have to install the old gapps, not the one for 4.3
  6. I'm a bit lost -- only recently updated to the ROM using internal SD card as the default storage location I've been used to using apps like Force2SD and All-in-One Toolbox for moving apps from internal storage to external, leaving the ROM to automatically store what materials it wants on the internal card (hence it's rarely used) Now, All-in-One, as one example, isn't recognising the internal SD card if I were to do another update I assume I'd "lose" the apps from the External SD card again, and hence need them to be installed on the internal SD card what's the best way of moving / installing apps to the internal card -- is there a "default storage location" -- I would have assumed it's the internal card, BUT ,,,,
  7. Many, many, many thanks -- was beginning to think that must have been it, but didn't "know" that's a reason I haven't moved to 10.2, knowing the change had been made to that, and had hoped 10.1 had been "spared" again, many thanks, that's a "relief"
  8. What's happening with the latest update (20130927)?? Tried to install it as usual OTA, went through setting up the CM account -- nice feature to have -- but most of my apps were not "installed" -- had 5 pages of apps, went back to 2 1/2 -- huh?? Can;t remember the details, I'd done a full backup before installing the update, so quickly went back to restoring that, without problems repeated the exercise thinking it might have been due to problems downloading the ROM, but same result so back to "the previous version" (haven't seen much point in upgrading over last couple of weeks, but the Find / Wipe Phone feature would be nice currently using version of 20130906 - any changes since then I need to take account of??
  9. is that the img file? some of us may need a refresher on how to install img files :-)
  10. interesting "test" on the part of Huawei -- the u8815n is not available in all markets, and the G600 big sister doesn't have NFC -- fair enough at the time, since Apple didn't have it many business firms didn't provide the option to use it but now that Apple has NFC ???? Game changer!!
  11. +1 be grateful if someone could explain the advantages of the existing situation -- why was "the change" made, it's OK if you've got a large internal card, like an iPhone but ....
  12. It's probably true to say that NOBODY knows what Kit Kat is -- I know it's been anmounced as the next version, but details probably won't be out until mid-October sfaik -- and as such it's definitely "off topic"
  13. please keep us posted, that's the reason I did NOT install the update, for fear of what happened to you happening to my phone -- I've got too much stuff on my SD card to lose it all - of course, I always do a backup of the ROM installing before installing a new version, BUT ....