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  1. Well there is a version that can be installed without rooting, just simple update file Futhermore, is there any proper tutorial step by step how to root and install CWM or TWRP? :)
  2. as i understand to backup all the nescesary data phone has to be rooted?
  3. Does anyone have such theme for stock launcher ? :) I found out that you can use Huawei's high-end devices themes but i noticed theyr icons are usualy too small for Y300 resolution :)
  4. For me its all purpose device, by the way im not talking about heavy games, but the ones you play in a wc or an airport or when you have free time :D what kind of utility you would recommend? i tried Nova, but i cant load some widgets, for example weather
  5. What about Ram? im not sure if its worth reinstalling the rom because i have installed alot of apps, some games that i made alot of progress aswel :D What about the launcher? does it work silky smooth like on similar phones (LG L5 II L7 II) ?
  6. is it a huge performance improvement over B197?
  7. Install latest stock rom and huawei's latest Emotion ui's launcher
  8. So im trying to understand how the updates for Y300 are comming from? when i go to official Huawei website, for Y300 i find only B175 version I searched for higher versions and seems all the versions (including the one i installed B197) come to download @ unofficial communities, websites. If the software is official why its not at the website of theyrs? Another thing, what is that Emotion UI? is it some sort of huaweis another company? Whole huawei buisiness seems shady and unprofessional...
  9. I tried that when i had B178 firmware, didnt worked. Im wondering if its possible with later versions like B197.
  10. thanks! i get alot of disc image files, is it possible somehow to extract them?
  11. why does it matter ? :)
  12. I have downloaded firmware wich comes in UPDATE.APP file. How can i open it? 7zip doesnt open it unfortunetly....
  13. Unfortunetly thats not an option :)
  14. strangely for the last like 10 messages i recieved today, there were no re-sends :S but thanks for the hint!