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  1. It's just me or the camera is not working correctly on the last update? One thing else, does anybody konw why play store says google+ is not compatible with this device? It has been happening since the 3 las updates i guess...
  2. I have had only reboots while starting Candy Crush. I'm adicted to that game but seems to have the devil inside... xD What I still don't know is why I can't have the torch at the quick access neither wich build disabled it... And it is probably the one I used more often :( Could anyone say its my only problem or if its general? Or if its a CM decision to supress that tool?
  3. Didn't work but thanks you. Can anybody tell me something about it? It happened since november 5th nightly, and even in 6th it still si desapeared... :(
  4. Am I the only one who lost the torch from quick access panel with the last update?
  5. I hope you were right and get it soon because I hate having a stock rom...
  6. Believe me, I had the g300 and I want you to be able to develop a lot more than get my unlock code... I miss cyano 10.2 a lot :(
  7. Same here, more than a week and nothing... :angry:
  8. Mother of god... One week, various mails and requests in their website and no answer... Not even to tell if there is some error T_T
  9. Hi, i'm having reboots everytime I plug any earphone on the 3.5 jack port... Does somebody have the same problem? I'm with the nightly 14
  10. Hi, thanks for this rom. I guess that I have a little bug with autobrightness. It goes up but the stays at that level until I press "auto" again... ¿Does it happen only to me? Edit, also, the CMUpdater didn't work for the last nightly. It downloaded correctly but couldn't install it. I had to manually flash it (i know, what a big deal... xD)