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  1. Anyone using SWAP-Skripts? Are there any recommended ones, for use with Link2SD? EDIT: Happy new year guys, keep up the excellent work!
  2. Try using FAT32 on your 2nd partition, that works for me! http://www.modaco.com/topic/373901-how-can-i-use-an-sd-card-to-increase-the-storage-space-of-a-y300/
  3. Anybody else got the problem, that the screen goes black while making a call, which makes hanging up impossible? Is there any solution? It's weird to pull the battery after every call... EDIT: I installed Elixier 2 and the problem has to do with the proximity sensor, which seemed to be stuck on "close" position. Is there any possibility to override this sensor? Where is it on the mainboard? Maybe an admin can move this, because it seems to be a more general problem, not slimkat specific!
  4. Here is my solution (i am on SlimKat): External SD-Card 16GB, 15GB formatted FAT32, 1GB formatted FAT32, both primary Partitions. Then this toggle switch on. This sets your SD-Card as your favorite Location instead of the integrated fake SD-Card (so you see two SD-Cards, but you only use the "real" SD-Card. You end up with four storages "internal", "internal SD", "external SD", "SD-ext"). Then I installed Link2SD and used the 1GB Partition as SD-EXT, so this will be added to "internal". Weirdly that does only work with a FAT32 partition, not with ext2/3/4. Flashing a new HBOOT with bigger internal space would be the nicer solution, but as long as this works ;) BTW: I had the Desire as well, nice phone, til I did slipnslide with it in my Pocket and it refused to connect to any WiFi afterwards...
  5. How do I configure the Governors etc, I cant find any menu...
  6. I had constant app crashes, which is why I switched back to Spotify ;)
  7. I have the nightly from 7th, with twrp, ksm enabled and govenor interactive, scoring 7048 points. But it took really long to start the 3d test...
  8. Anybody else got spotify stuttering on this rom? Apart from that great stuff!!! Thanks a lot! Does KSM make sense? Or ZRAM? Cheers
  9. Gapps breaks my AOSP Keyboard, I'm using the Apps for 10.2 since the ones in this thread are down. Can someone perhaps upload the correct Gapps on another mirror? Thx!
  10. For me everything except for the battery draining works perfectly. Could this be solved by flashing another Kernel? Loving the clean feel of CM! Thanks a lot!