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  1. Waqar118

    Honor 4C

    Dont know that why mod dont support such phones
  2. Waqar118

    Honor 4C

    Hi Please start a thread and development for Honor 4c. It is a budget device with good spec. Regards Waqar
  3. Waqar118

    Thread For Honor 4c

    Hi Please start a thread and development for Honor 4c. Regards Waqar
  4. Waqar118

    Huawei Honor 3c

    Oh ok. Thanks:)
  5. Waqar118

    Huawei Honor 3c

    Hi Please start a form for Huawei Honor 3c. Its a mid range phone with great spec. Regards Waqar
  6. Its off the topic. Would anyone plz provide me stock weather application
  7. Castelx for cm or stock?
  8. Castelx for cm or stock?
  9. Hi, thanks for your work. Will caxtle kernel for cm will be compatible with it?
  10. Add this on also but i did not tried yet http://www.modaco.com/topic/371463-rom-stock-pro-v2-b199-aosp-kernel-cextel-swap/
  11. Hi What about the Battery drain?
  12. Add this one please http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=801615 Edited oh sorry it is already posted