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  1. is there any1 one here live in essex can meet me somewhere to fix my g510 please i just cant figure it out tried flashing twrp but doesnt do anything tried using updata vol - + power cant get twrp to come up and when boot normailly cm10.1 r14 comes up but says evyrthing has stopped and cant get past
  2. after flashing twrp on my g510 because cwm didnt work quite with cm10 r14 now i cant do anything i have bootloader unlocked and everything if i boot normally it goes into cm but android phone has spopped can some 1 please help me get back to stock for g510-100 updata
  3. Using cwm lastest to flash cm10.1 r14 after start up is ok but when ever I have to reboot i that similar bug of stuck at cm load screen after the hauwei logo bit any advise?? I will try twrp later
  4. cyberaun

    Rom fixes

    Is there gonna be anymore rom fixes for 4.2.2 & up this side of Xmas other wise I will put on cm 10.1 r14 on for now Would like to see better PAC or praranoid rom For g510
  5. cyberaun

    [ROM] PAC for G510/Y300 B5 (4.2.2)

    What's the difference between this PAC and the milestone version
  6. Less control choice more simplified but give other things more choice like tangerinetractor said
  7. 3.99 thought that was just model number
  8. What jelly bean is this rom got
  9. Is there gonna be a new version soon?? I'm using this atm is a pretty good ROM tho not as fast and smooth as kra5ols But just as good
  10. I need to have back some one please send me the zip or give me a link
  11. Is it me or its either cm 10.1 or twrp 2610 That I get a green line when playing galaxy on fire 2 hd but not tried on other hd games and the gfx seemed all mixed up apart from that good rom No hurry to fix just have to try to play other games
  12. Any chance of fixing the wifi please no rush