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  1. Mr Dazzozo any news from kitkat?
  2. I don't have random reboot since the build of 11/06. All are fantastic!!! Now i'm waiting for android 4.4. Good job Mr. Dazzozo!!!
  3. Hello guys i have update the rom with the latest nightly buids (11/09) and i have the same problem. When i tap on the build number 5 times in SElinux state the phone reboots. I have same problem with the build of 11/06. For me i can't go to developer option and this is the only bug i have foud. For the rest, the rom is amazing!!!!!!!good job Mr. Dazzozo!!!!I appreciate your work!! you are the best!! thank you. Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian!! :)
  4. Hy guys, I have a problem. Wen I tap 5 time on SElinux status the screen goes on black and i make to remove battery... Sorry for my bad english.
  5. Hy guys, where I can find the gapps for this rom? the link in first topic was dead. Please Dazzozo help! thank you for your works!!!
  6. Porting Systemui.apk

    I have found this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2366476 is too much for me!!
  7. Hello guys, on the website of HTCMania I found this fantastic rom! Many system apps have been removed. The system runs smoothly and quickly without ever manifesting lag. The free ram is amazing and remains free because the system does not have a lot of useless applications. With AnTuTu showed a score of 7491. At the moment I can not find bugs. I'll post the link of the discussion on HTCMania: http://www.htcmania....ad.php?t=676565 all credit goes to jordilopez94. I preferred to remove the stock launcher and installed nova launcher and greenify. Sorry for my bad english. :)
  8. You asked for kernel source for y300-0100?
  9. I have check at this time.. no vulnerability..
  10. This is a very bad news for me!!! Thank a lot for your work!!!
  11. Are you working to resolve the bug of the display ? and as for the battery consumption? I hope you manage to fix all the bugs! keep it up!