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  1. hi fonz, i upgraded my cyano to this new version (19 feb) with a full wipe...but i have ( i dont know if it is a bug or noy) an issue with whatsapp...when i choose the font size, and i set small, nothing change :( is only on me?
  2. Hi, can someone help me solve some little problem? 1 - How can i completely remove the widget in the lockscreen? 2 - Is there any way to enable swiftkey ,like in the stock android keyboard? 3 - when i plug my headphone,the music won't start automatically ,even if if i set the option on :( thanks UP please,somebody help me,especially on point two,when i swipe over the letters nothing happens, i must type pressing one letter by time!! do i need to falsh other gapps?
  3. Hi Fonz! merry christmas!!! are you going to update your room soon, or i just can use this as a daily build?? thanks
  4. i want test this rom,it's look nice and seems very smooth,Can someone explain what are these settings: ?? ADSP size MDP size thanks
  5. SOLVED i bought a new lcd screen!!
  6. Hi guys,today,after returning from the sea ,i put my y300 in the pocket of my swimming trunks (it wasn't wet ,but only humid) and,when i come home,the screen won't turn on!!! just remain black. i tried to remove the battery and remove humidity with the phon...but didnt work :( the notification led,and the 3 white buttons at the bottom works,also the phone work,if i try to call myself,i can ear the ringtone...the only problem,is that the phone remain black!!!...also the touchscreen work,because when i press the unlock button and i made a swipe on the black screen ,i can feel the unlock vibration!!!!! what can i do????????...please,need help!!!!
  7. so,there's nothing i can do :( ! is there any way to use facebook app,also for messages;like it was one time?
  8. Hi guys, today i have installed the new facebook messenger...it is the worst app in the world; every each message that i send or read,the phone lost 1% of battery!!!!!!!! i have an y300,with slimkat 7 ,and Chil360-kernel! is it normal,that i have such a huge battery drain???
  9. is there any chance to get this kernel on the rom slimkat 6+
  10. Hi! is there any way to improve the camera of this phone (y300) in this rom??...because is very crappy :(
  11. Something weird happened with this rom; i wanted to unlock the phone,so i pressed the unlock button...but nothing happened!!!!! i had to remove the battery and reboot the phone. i'm using slimkat 6.6 (to install it i wiped everything!!) with minimum cpufreq set to 245 mhz ,ondemand,deadline! this only happened once,before and after this problem/bug,the phone goes like a charm!!!
  12. Wow,this rom after every update became better and better!! thanks
  13. testing new 6.4 build...works very well,so far no problem found!!! EDIT:found a problem: in performance control,i see that i can set my max CPU freq. to 1046 (on y300) ,but when i reboot the phone,the frequency drop to 1008!!! EDIT2: solved you must disable mpdecision!!
  14. any news about the bugfix in the new kernel?? anyway...is it safe to enable ART,or is better to remain with dalvik??