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  1. Back to stock ROM

    I went to stock without the app. Couldn't be bothered searching for longer but thanks for helping
  2. Back to stock ROM

    Found it. http://www.modaco.com/topic/357144-apps-huawei-original-applications/ Edit: nope doesnt work
  3. Back to stock ROM

    Can the stock huawei backup make backups of apps?
  4. Back to stock ROM

    Do you have the apk? I don't know how to extract it from the update.app
  5. Back to stock ROM

    I need the apk file so i can install it on my current ROM and backup an app. Then i can go to the stock ROM and restore the app.
  6. Back to stock ROM

    I found the stock ROM. Now i just need the stock backup app. Can someone upload it?
  7. Can someone share the stock backup app (apk) that comes with the stock ROM and can someone also tell me how to get back to the latest fully stock ROM or share a link to a thread that explains it. Thanks.
  8. What is the single best ROM and kernel combination for battery life? And no bugs either
  9. Is B209 officially for Huawei y300 or is it ported from another phone
  10. I didn't say I didn't try it. I have tried it buy preferred this ROM [emoji4]
  11. Can't believe i still use this ROM. For me it's still the best
  12. How do you disable google services and what does Google services do?
  13. Is this ROM recommended over fusion ROM? Haven't been on Modaco for a long time. What I would like is a ROM that has no bugs and is still fast. Does this have any serious annoying bugs?