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  1. Hey :) i installed this rom on my sister's device and her keyboard needs weeks to appear.. i dont know, dont have the same problem, something is wrong these days :D can someone tell me a quick little tip what i have to do so this problem gets less annoying ? happy new year! and thanks !
  2. imo, it is the best ROM so far! since the last build, the phone reboots once a week or so, totally acceptable. Also this is liquidsmooth rom, so it is liquid and smooth for real! very good rom, my favorite!
  3. does anyone got a solution for the battery drain caused by android system ? greetz ps.: great ROM
  4. hey i have a question :) how do i set my sd card as my default storage ? greetz dataflash great ROM :))
  5. Hey i am about to install this Rom, somebody talked about settings to apply, so the Rom is more smooth ;) could someone say what these are? Greetings Dataflash
  6. hey CM 11 wasn't that good for me.. :/ cause of that i returned to stock, but can we live in hope to see an AOSP kk? i mean CM is great but i only wanted to ask :P
  7. i don't know what i'm doing wrong :P when i try to install an app it takes very long and sometimes freezes and reboots. also the browsing is very stocking and not smooth at all, the launcher and menu are very fine, but i get sometimes very long freezes and loadings, that it is nearly not usuable. i know it's experimental, but some write, that theirs is very smooth and everything i just want to know, if i have to press some settings to run it smooth :P thx Dataflash i appreciate your work dazz :))
  8. is there a way to disable the 3dot menue in e.g. whatsapp ? so i mean the menue button in the top right corner :) appreciate your work dazz :)
  9. @EndruBoy1 Just boot normally, it'll work :)
  10. hai how can i backup this ROM? i have seen posts, where the people experienced nonworking backups :P greetz dataflash
  11. dataflash

    swap turorial?

    settings and then the performance section, directly above the "about phone" settings then the third option, sorry i dont have the translation, cause im german :P
  12. dataflash

    swap turorial?

    or maybe i should ask for a free app, which does the same ? :P
  13. dataflash

    swap turorial?

    hey :) can you give me a link of an apk ? or which app do i have to install, cause i dont want to pay like 8 buks for this :P thx greetz dataflash
  14. hay, im kinda nooby, but i have twrp for now and flashed cm10.2 . i want to install cwm, how do i do that ? can something happen to the ROM ?