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  1. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I uploaded the logcat of when i boot into sense here : http://www.mediafire.com/?plikg05oya8i1ob if anyone is interested
  2. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    I cant take a logcat when it reboot for GPe because it just stay in booting screen. And i noticed something else, its that in the /data/switch i just have folder exclude and delete and file : boot, busybox, reboo, sqlite3. And when I install this rom, my htc logo is unmapped again. Edit : I have the logcat file when booting into sense but its 5mo so I dont know if it's relevent
  3. Beta 13: MoDaCo.SWITCH HTC One support topic

    Hello, I am on an htc one with S-off and root, I wiped my actual sense 5 rom then installed beta 13 with root support and boot. First it did well, it boot into sense and went to setup page but things got worst when i wanted to switch to GPe. It reboot and then went to the normal htc sense boot logo not the google one and get stuck for more than 10 minutes. I rebooted it several times, backup and flash it again but it didnt work. I have disabled fast boot. I dont know if it's relevent but i flash a different kernel ( to map the htc logo : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2307371 ) I restored my backup and i hope you guys will help me figure out how to fix it :) Thanks in advance, Nowahe