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  1. Y300 Help

    Thanks mate ! Your tip worked for me. This is actually the first time this happened to me, so I didn't know what's going on. It's weird, because my when I went to bed my phone was almost full battery, but when I woke up it was really, really hot. My phone charges normally now . Thanks again, I appreciate your help.
  2. Hey guys, so when I woke up this morning, I couldn't turn on my phone. Propbably just my battery, I though. But when I connect it with the charger my phone just blinks red. I thought it is just the battery, so I pulled it out and tried to start the phone without my battery and directly to the charger. This way the phone boots until you are supposed to enter your PIN and then it just reboots. Hope someone can help me or give me an answer. Guess I have to buy a new phone, though. Edit: When I woke up my phone was really hot aswell.
  3. Yea I did a full wipe. The newest Twrp.
  4. When trying to call with line it crashes. At least on my phone. I reinstalled but that did not help.
  5. What are those configurations to make this rom more smoothly ?
  6. Too bad.. Yea, exdialler looks quite similar. Thanks ! ;) Edit : Do you know if Pandora X is as fast as Pandora 4.1 ?
  7. Like this rom so far. Though, is there any way I can import the Phone/Contact App (The one where I can just swipe to switch between phone,contacts and calls with the fancy style) that is used in CM 10 ?