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  1. i've ordered mine here --> (also a chinese seller) coupon: 5% 5FeBay2013 @tillaz any chance to get your rom today?
  2. that would be awesome :wub:
  3. sure can u upload your twrp port please? edit: first, ive downgraded to cai os 1.03 and then upgraded (upgrade button, not download) to 1.05 with that scatterfile.
  4. i've used that one from frankish but mine twrp port doenst work neither :/
  5. Good News !! MIUI v5 3.10.11 is out and there are some new settings where u can choose ur standard installation path :) Settings -> Stock Settings -> default write disk edit: HELL YEA ! it works :) awesome
  6. @Frankish did u find any solution how to fix the softkey vibration ?
  7. i cant open (and install) an apk anymore with that ROM :o
  8. all this s*** doesnt work at all T_T god damn that bug (is that a bug ?!) piss me off i wanna use MiUI but im too lazy to move all apps one by one on my phone :D edit: i tried "default install location" also
  9. No, this version is for a different device i get a strange error like "ventana_U930" || getprop("") == "ventana" and it seems like that is a zte phone - something went wrong there :) edit: i dunno why but my x9 installs apps to my sd card again
  10. i think i've just found a solution to set the default installation path in MIUI there is an option in mobile uncle tools called "App to SD" there u can choose internal or external storage
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to select the installation path in MIUI? It looks like MIUI automatically installs everything onto the sdcard and it looks like there is no option to move the apps to the internal storage.
  12. MIUI doesnt seem to have updates every Friday, the last update is still the one dated 13.09.2013 Also it isnt an official Version.
  13. Frankish, do u have any idea how to remove this ugly white THL Logo @ bootup edit: Its probably the file "boot_logo" in /system/media/images but i cant get anything else to work. I tried to convert a png image to a raw rgb file and then i converted it with to565 to a rle file. Some images dont show up at all and some are completely distorted.

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