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  1.     I just test the GSM card ,It is work . and you can't wipe the data ,because some system app in the data/systemapp. or you can try to use other recovery to flash the ROM
  2.     try to reboot you phone.
  3. Flash the ROM you have to waiting for about 5 min to reboot you phone because It is too much system app need setup. I move some system app to data. so Don't wipe the data again ! and thanks the developer of the CM10.1
  4.  hey! every guys, I am seventh ,I came from China .   by the way: I share the ROM for you.. sorry  It is too hard for me to link to the foreign website.   And there are the MIUI Rom in my Baidu netdisk.   link :     miui OTA link I add the word "Forign" to share the rom for G510 (Single-SIMcard)   for examle download: X;D   sorry for my english~     ----------------------------------------------------- And the color OS 2.0 for us    (Multi language)   Download link:     what is Color OS ?   A stock OS  for "OPPO phone-a popular phone In China like XiaoMI~"  It is beautiful ~
  5. [Poll] What ROM do you like BEST?

    anyone can give all the roms' link ?
  6. [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    I cant understand that. why 4.0.10 0.0 maybe the Android version? but miuiV5 is based on 4.1
  7. hey guy. I have a G510-0010 too!!!! you can try this.
  8. hey guy. I have a G510-0010 too!!!! you can try this.
  9. If your device is not G510-0010 please dont try to flash the zip!!! the model can help the G510 run the rom (single-sim ) including the cm MIUI…
  10. the link: thank xjlxxx1 !!!!! the zip is made by him!!!
  11. maybe my English is so poor.sorry for that. The device (G510-0010)dual-sim it is different from Ascend G510(G510-0200) because the Ascend G510 is single-sim. If G510-0010 flash the rom which is made for he G510-0200 the net work doesnt work so the model is for G510-0010 If you want run the rom in your dual device you can flash the zip for that After you flash the zip(model-en) ,you can flash all the rom for G510-0020 the net work will be working!!!! but only the sim1 canbe used. sim2 will be not work. when you want to flash the rom for G510-0010(the dual version ). pay attention! you can flash the zip (model-zh) or you can flash the offical rom once! sorry for my english ,I am a chinese . the G510-0010 is producted in China , so I
  12. [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    thanks for your working .
  13. [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Aha my friend, why the version is so strage? the miui version i s mean that for example 3.11.8 3:year 10:month 8:day ⊙▽⊙

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