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  1. Thanks for reply. Greenify I use too. How you set up the greenPower? Can you post here your setting? thanks
  2. I have problem in with setting another vibration. I go to setting -> Sound and when tap to vibration the setting crash down. And what about your battery life with CM11? I have maximum 1 day life.
  3. Thanks for great work. Yestereday I flashed v1 and set all setting what I want. Today I flash v2 without wipe data and I hope that will be no problem :) Camera is working fine without dark photo.
  4. Is here someone who will make MIUI V6 rom for blade V? It should be multilanguage from xiaomi.
  5. Cyanogenmod 11?

    Ђуро Ненадовић 6 září v 22:06 https://plus.google.com/108531052526575991056/posts/isHeH2BFcRe It seems that ZTE N909 have kitkat 4.4.4. It's almost the same as Blade V, so is there any posibility to port the rom for our phone? Anybody?
  6. It is necessary to make wipe all data when I will upgrade from v1 to v2? thx
  7. Thanks for quick reply. Yes I uninstall gallery because I use quickpic for pictures :)
  8. Thx for news. I lost camera apk From my Phone. Where i find apk in Rom zip? Thx
  9. I am testing this rom. I think MIUI rom is need more battery. It is possible add more apps to lockscreen? There are only unlock and camere now. Can i add for exsample phone, sms etc ? Thanks
  10. it will be OTA update? I think that I flash version 4.6.20 or wait for new version where will be OTA update. thanks Edit: I install new version 4.6.20 now and everything looks ok but i have one question. If will be OTA update I have to install all app? I dont use miui Music, Gallery, market etc ... When I will update over OTA It will install to my phone all this app?
  11. Ok thanks. I will try your second setting. Nowdays I have less than 1 day with normal use.
  12. Thanks for new vesion with multilanguage and OTA update. I have question about battery life. I think it is little bit worse than with stock rom. Whats your experiences of battery life with your rom? Here is my screen. Display is on 1h56min for now. In set cpu i have ondemand governor max 1008 min 245 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15964981/Screenshot_2014-06-24-18-40-47.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15964981/Screenshot_2014-06-24-18-40-36.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15964981/Screenshot_2014-06-24-18-40-30.png Have someone better results with which setting? Thanks
  13. I made full wipe and flash your rom. I will tested it. thx
  14. Thanks for good news its possible to flash your rom without wipe to this rom? and can i use jbart to add czech language tu your rom? thx